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Scoring a Great Purchase Deal on Trucks and Heavy Equipment

Thanks to a multitude of online platforms, some more independent than others, you can review what’s available on both the new and used truck and heavy equipment market on your mobile device at any time. The websites are conveniently categorised by new and used and by truck and equipment type so it’s quite easy to find the range you are interested in.

New equipment dealers also provide extensive details on models on their websites. So you can easily compare specs, capacities and other key information.

Purchase Preparation

But, beyond the browse, preparation is key to scoring a great purchase deal.

  • Analyse exactly what type of vehicle you need to handle both your current contracts and what you think you could be in the running for several years ahead. Many truck and heavy equipment loans stretch over 7 years and the vehicles are built for a long life so you too should be planning ahead.
  • Critically assess your financial situation and be conservative. Having a clear and realistic view of your ability to meet repayments will be extremely helpful in honing down your wish list.
  • Assemble your financial paperwork so you have it at the ready when required for your loan application.
  • Decide what you want to do with your existing vehicle – trade-in or sell privately, and prepare it also. A little bit of work improving your trade might reap you big rewards.

Comparing Vehicles

When comparing vehicles online, a handy tool is to have an online finance calculator open in another browser. A truck or equipment finance calculator allows you to quickly and easily compare the estimated repayments on different vehicles instantly.

You just enter the amount you want to borrow and other details and you receive an estimate on repayments. Be mindful, these are only estimates and you should read the terms and conditions around each calculator so you know what you’re seeing and can interpret the figures accurately. But it’s a great tool.

We know sites where you can access an online calculator, so touch base and we’ll give you the link.

Pre-Approved Finance

Another good tip for securing a better purchase deal is to have your finance pre-approved. This involves approaching your lender, or having your finance broker do that for you, before you shake on a deal to purchase.

Essentially you go through the loan application process based on an estimate of what you think you may need to buy your vehicle. The broker, bank or lender will process your application and, in most cases, provide you with a firm offer which is approved.

Knowing you have your finance approved provides great confidence when buying at auction, when negotiating with a private seller on price and to be able to beat competitors to the punch on a used vehicle sale. Sellers love it when buyers are in a position to finalise a deal quickly.

If you’re interested in talking pre-approved finance, we know people who operate in the financial services sector and can easily connect you with them. Just contact us for details.