Fox Heavy Equipment Operator

Infrastructure development together with the construction and mining sectors continue to drive the Australian economy with heavy equipment operators fundamental to the successful achievement of many major projects. But it’s hard work. Hard on the equipment, hard on the operators and hard on equipment owners. The heavy workload means that trucks and heavy equipment need to be replaced often. With governments looking to infrastructure as a way out of the COVID-19 economic crisis, business is likely to be on the increase for some operators which will put more hours on your vehicles.

You don’t mind the hard work, but when it comes to upgrading or replacing a vehicle, the last thing you want is for the process to be is hard. You need to be working and earning, not sitting on the phone to banks and lenders answering a myriad of questions, sourcing financial records and waiting for call backs with finance quotes or answers on your offers. But this is a major investment and you need to be well-informed to make decisions that will set your business up for a profitable future. It’s a competitive field and your truck purchase has to contribute to a positive bottom line so you are in the game when competing on contracts.

We’re easing the burden of truck and heavy equipment purchasing by compiling valuable information for buyers. Tips, hints, ideas and facts on sales, finance and insurance for truck and heavy equipment purchasers to enable you to outfox your competitors and score a great deal.


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Insurance is a major expenditure for truck and heavy equipment operators. We outline the options for sourcing the most cost-effective policy and alternatives to paying the premium in one annual payment. READ MORE